Leveraging healthcare data

Arkhn standardises healthcare data.
We integrate and leverage it thanks to secure, on-premise datalakes
and help medical teams to better serve patients and welcome innovation more easily.

Our Project

Arkhn standardises healthcare data coming from hospitals into FHIR.
We build unified, secure and on-premise datalakes to leverage this data.

Decentralisation & Interoperability

In order to let hospitals decide how data should be used,
we help them switch to a fully interoperable system.

Secure Lock

Sharing & Protecting

Once hospitals are interoperable, they can share information to better treat their patients.
They can also start research projects without having their data going out.

Human Centric

Our goal is to help medical teams reach a smoother workflow
in order to better treat patients.

Notre équipe

Emeric Lemaire

Machine LearningStatistiquesDeep learning

Ecole Centrale Paris

Cambridge University

  • 1000mercis
    Analyse de données massives
  • Cambridge
    Bandits & Reinforcement Learning
  • CNRS
    Modélisation mathématique
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Corneliu Malciu

Informatique quantiqueRechercheModélisation informatique



  • ENS Ulm
    Doctorant en physique
  • UBC
    Modélisation de systèmes quantiques
  • Vainqueur de l'International Physicist Tournament
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Théo Ryffel

Deep LearningSécurité & Big DataAnalyse du langage

École polytechnique

Imperial College London

  • OpenMined
    Machine Learning sécurisé
  • Polyconseil
    Traitement de données massives
  • Ministère de la Défense
    Outils de supervision de données
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Elsie Hoffet

StatistiquesDeep LearningBig Data

École polytechnique

Imperial College London

  • Imperial College London
    Machine Learning for breast cancer prediction
  • New York University
    Deep Learning algorithms applied to the economy
  • Institute of Technology of Cambodia
    Teaching Assistant
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Simon Vadée

DevOpsInfrastructuresoftware architectureBlockChain


Hague University of Applied Sciences

  • Stratumn
    Software Engineer
  • Pricing Assistant
    Data Developer and Assitant
  • Freelance Software Engineer
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Jason Paumier

Deep LearningSoftware DevelopmentDev Ops


Georgia Institute of Technology

  • GrAI Matter Labs
    Neural networks and data flow graphs design to efficiently process data.
    Research in Deep Learning to detect and track faces in videos.
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Margaux Françoise

Affaires publiquesSpécialité Santééconomie

Sciences Po Paris

McGill University

  • Sciences Po Paris
    Affaires publiques - Santé
  • McGill University
    Faculty of Arts : Public policy - Histoire de la santé
  • Centre hospitalier de Saint-Lô
    Bras droit de la Direction
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Nicolas Riss

BiotechnologyPharmaDeveloperData Analyst

Faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg

ESBS (Biotechnology)

  • CNRS
    Deep Learning in Super Resolution Imagery
  • CHRU Strasbourg
    Medical Intensive Care
  • BioNext
    Development of algorithm to find similarity between proteinic active site and nucleic active site
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Contact Us


+33 6 44 10 13 71


contact [at] arkhn [dot] org


9 rue d'Alexandrie,
75002 Paris

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