Data for open
and collaborative healthcare

Arkhn supports healthcare institutions in managing and leveraging their data for the benefit of the entire ecosystem.

Better care through structured, secure and collaborative healthcare data.

Arkhn gives healthcare institutions back sovereignty over their data to better support patients, facilitate the work of caregivers and accelerate research.

🚀 Sovereignty and interoperability: the public health challenges of the 21st century

Healthcare facilities use many software programs that hardly communicate with each other. They lack control over the management of this data.

A new paradigm that puts the power back in the hands of healthcare institutions

We believe that institutions hold the best expertise when analyzing health data for the public good. They know their patients and will do everything possible to provide the best care.

💪 The power of technology for medical and IT teams

We deploy a data architecture based on data warehouse and artificial intelligence technologies within each facility.

🤝 Open source for more empowerment and collaboration

Open source is part of our DNA. Technologies that support care and protect data must be open and free to accelerate the democratization of collaborative and digital health and to provide uncompromising transparency on security tools.

Helping healthcare institutions to manage
their data in a sustainable way

We deploy an interoperable data architecture within institutions and support them in standardizing their data. We enable them to better manage and leverage their data, by facilitating collaborations with other healthcare actors (software publishers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare start-ups, etc.). The data is stored within the establishment in a secure manner and in compliance with the GDPR.

🤒 Improving patient care

Sharing medical records between services and facilities helps improve monitoring of patients' care, and supports medical diagnosis.

🥰 Facilitate the tasks of medical teams

Simplifying access to data saves considerable time when searching for clinical information. It also makes it easier to develop and install new tools that meet their needs.

🤝 Promote medical research and innovation in healthcare

Large-scale data analyses and patient cohort constitution are simplified. Clinical research projects, innovative AI initiatives and multi-center projects are facilitated without data ever leaving the institution.

🏥 Streamline the management of care centers

Automatic data extraction offers flexibility and efficiency in setting up internal monitoring metrics and indicators of care quality for national or regional authorities.

They trust us

Empowering healthcare with technology

Our data architectures are based on state-of-the-art and recognized data warehouse and artificial intelligence technologies. We use the open and free interoperability frameworks OMOP and FHIR, which are now a leading authorities worldwide.

🧬 Interoperability as our DNA

We aim at providing syntactic and semantic interoperability in exchange of data thanks to our team of experts in healthcare standards and terminologies. We model clinical (biology, diagnosis, treatments), specialized (genetics, oncology) and administrative data (financial, appointments, encounters).

🏅 Open source technologies and a state-of-the-art data architecture

The technologies we use at Arkhn guarantee a clear, efficient, maintainable and scalable architecture over time. They allow us to process all types of data: data in the database, medical reports or imaging.

🔮 AI in healthcare

We combine advanced NLP methods for modeling and structuring unstructured medical vocabulary (such as medical health records) with innovative privacy-friendly data analysis technologies such as Federated Learning and Differential Privacy.

🔒 Data security

We deploy health information systems without ever taking the data out of the institution and we adapt them to the security measures specific to each institution. We are in compliance with the GDPR and the recommendations of the national data protection authorities.

Our partners speak

« Arkhn is not just another service provider, it is a true partner who understands the complexity of healthcare and is aligned with our vision. The Institut Curie, true to its mission, has been committed for several years to fostering collaborative research between cancer centers and has always faced technical difficulties in accessing data to scale up. Arkhn's technologies and its unique expertise in France on FHIR bring, in my opinion, the right approach to finally succeed in federating the French and European hospital ecosystem in a concrete way. We are very pleased to be working with a flexible, enthusiastic and responsive team. »

Xose Fernandez
Chief Data Officer at the Institut Curie

« The Arkhn company has perfectly fulfilled its mission. They allowed us, on the one hand, to open ourselves to current and future technology, and on the other hand, to increase our technical skills. The good mood is mixed with the professionalism of a team that has shown a real interest for the mission and a commitment to seek and find solutions adapted to our needs. I can only support their positive and constructive approach. »

Yannick Bomy
Team lead and Project Manager at CHU de Reims

« Arkhn offers a state of the art architecture that brings fresh ideas to the usual healthcare IT offerings. Their engineers are autonomous on the extraction of the different medical software which allows to set up projects easily even when resources are limited. The pragmatic 'data-first' approach allows discussions free of the usual marketing buzzwords. The commitment to open standards and open-source tools helps the entire health data community to become more competent. »

Prosper Burq
Data Engineer at CHU de Toulouse

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