Our approach

Genuine interoperability is rare in healthcare softwares, which can be harmful for patients,
slows down medical teams as well as the hospital's workflow in general.
Standardising data is a great start to alleviate this tension and help hospitals provide a better service.

Take better care of patients

Better communication between healthcare services as well as hospitals undoubtedly benefits patients.
Moreover, all personal data are stored directly in hospitals to ensure their safety.

Alleviate medical staffs' workflow

Simple access to data means spending less time looking for patient-related information and more time actually taking care of them.
It's also a great way to foster clinical research and innovation.

Simpler management

We provide a series of tools intended to help decision makers have a global view of their facilities and teams.
We also allow integration of meaningful information for administrative teams.

Our ecosystem


We map existing databases from their own language into the standard synthax FHIR.


Data is accessible through a secure platform (API) deployed on-premise.

Data Analysis

We offer a 360-view of hospital's activity, from service activity to financial metrics.


One can easily deploy new softwares and applications which better fit medical teams' needs.

Internet of Things

It is now possible to receive and run queries allowing hospitals to organise themselves using this new secure network.

Data Extraction

Extracting data has never been easier, may it be for research, operational or administrative purposes.

Secure Communication

Hospitals can now reliably and safely access electronic health records through a distributed network.